This page briefly answers all questions about our created platform in the form of a pitch. You can jump into certain answer by links below:

What is ALLinONE?

ALLinONE is the all-in-one solution platform for users, companies, influencers and projects that aims to be one of most powerful and useful tool for creation of every startup. On our platform you can interact with tools such as Social Network that will help you build a community, Questboard that will help you manage your assembled community through social events and even more with Launchpad and Marketplace which will help sell off your collectibles and tokens immediately after the presale.

What makes our platform unique?

This platform offers users access to various features such as participation in the presale of various projects, tools for participating in social activities. Platform can also be used as a social platform that allows you to find all investors, influencers, bloggers, marketers, developers and others. In addition, ALLinONE also provides users with exclusive access
 to early-stage investment opportunities through its IDO and INO platforms, as well as the ability to participate in closed and beta communities. This is the first comprehensive platform on Aptos that includes Marketplace, Launchpad, Social Network and Questboard to manage gathered community. You can explore each of these areas in more detail, since only the most basic is indicated here. The most important thing is that our platform provides for the creation of a project from scratch to sales without going beyond the platform. All the necessary tools will be on the platform and you will be able to use them. To further understanding you can explore our scheme below.
Infographics from our website

What is our Roadmap?

Roadmap from Q1 2022 to Q3 2024
This is our view on the upcoming growth of the ALLinONE ecosystem until the Q2 2024. We will add new significant steps if they will be. Moreover, you can find more information about active work in our official Discord.

What is our revenue stream?

All revenue stream are on the screen above. If you want to learn more about the commissions of a specific project area, go to the specified section on the left sidebar.

What is our tokenomics?

We have several tokenomics for different parts of the project. Since our product includes a Launchpad, a Marketplace, a Social Network and a Questboard, each of them has its own tokenomics, in addition to our NFTs and token. So, how it is:
  • The NFT collection has 4,444 pieces of art, the price of which has not yet been officially announced. We called this collection "ALLinONE NFTPass". The name is quite simple and logical, because the owners of these SF will receive special bonuses and privileges on our platform both from the side of earning on projects and from the side of creating projects. It depends on which area the user is engaged in, although it is not so important if he will be engaged in everything at once. The entire tokenomics of upcoming NFT sale is presented in the diagram below.
Whitelist Given Diagram
  • Our own token will also be used on our platform. The official announcement of the presale will be right after the NFT collection. To participate in our launchpad, you will need to stake a token to get a tier. Different tiers will give different guaranteed allocations plus some percentage of the non-purchased allocation of the project. In addition, it will be possible to participate in IDO and INO themselves using stablecoins, aptos and our token. In addition, purchases on the marketplace can be made using our token. At this moment we do not have information about supply, seed, private, presale, public and listed prices. So, when it will be more information will come out here with statistics diagram as NFT.
  • Non-tokenomics areas is Launchpad, Marketplace, Social Network and Questboard for the reason of using token and NFTPass as root source of privileges and finances. We can say a few words about revenue tokenomics. Launchpad will use staker tiers (rate levels) to get guaranteed allocations in project, at the same time, projects that will be listed on our Launchpad will pay a tax from the served IDO or INO money from 5 up to 10 percentage (it depends on project type). Marketplace fees will be 2.5% on buyer and seller. Social Network will be able to register everyone who wants to be a part of our ecosystem, but for those who want to develop their accounts there will be in-platform subscriptions for the pack of useful tools to do it. Furthermore, the big pack tools is for those who wants to start a project on our platform there will be different types of subscriptions for everyone's needs.
P.S.: You can check out our whitepaper before going deeper on gitbook. Start reading from our bare idea based on the problem we see.

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